The Commitment

The Company, the Team, the Process–has been dedicated to supporting the contracting and environmental industry with professionalism and integrity. We have no manufacturing interests, thereby ensuring our ability to provide sound, unbiased technical and management advice to our clients with the most professional and cost effective service possible. We are justifiably proud of our contributions and excellent reputation established with government and private industry.


The Company History

Dave Gehm

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Gehm Environmental was established in March 1986 by sole owner Dave Gehm. Dave began his career with an Associate’s Degree in Civil Engineering from St. Louis Community College. Since then he has earned numerous certifications and qualifications which has provided him with a vast amount of experience and knowledge. While he continues to operate Gehm Environmental, he also serves in the community as the County Fire Chief and Haz-Mat Manager on the Missouri Task Force Urban Search & Rescue Team.

Terry Gehm

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Terry Gehm began her career in the Clerical/Sales field with experience in the trucking and petroleum industry. She worked her way up into management as a self-taught enthusiast. Since then she has empowered herself by becoming more knowledgeable in the environmental field after understanding the importance of how the environment is impacted by man-made materials. Terry was competition for Dave in project management of regulated sites prior to marriage.


Today the business is operated by Dave and his wife Terry. Dave and Terry have a combined experience of 61 years in the Construction and Environmental Industry. From regulations to cost effective solutions, both have been committed to maintaining a helpful environment for their clients.

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